Ronny Chevalier

Ph.D. student in computer security

HP Labs



I am a French Ph.D. student in computer security. I am currently working for HP Labs. I am a member of the CIDRE team at CentraleSupélec where I am advised by Guillaume Hiet.

I am a former student of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Rennes.

Previously, I worked as a research intern at the University of Milan in the LaSER security lab (advised by Andrea Lanzi), as a research intern at Inria in the Madynes team (advised by Abdelkader Lahmadi), and as a software engineering intern at Aldebaran Robotics.

A PDF version of my CV is also available.


  • System security
  • Software security
  • Intrusion detection
  • Intrusion response


  • MSc in Computer Security, 2016

    ENS of Rennes and University of Rennes

  • BSc in Computer Science, 2014

    ENS of Rennes and University of Rennes

Recent and Upcoming Talks

Detecting and Surviving Intrusions: Exploring New Host-Based Intrusion Detection, Recovery, and Response Approaches

Ph.D. Thesis Defense

Recent Publications

Survivor: A Fine-Grained Intrusion Response and Recovery Approach for Commodity Operating Systems

Intrusion Survivability for Commodity Operating Systems and Services: A Work in Progress

Co-processor-based Behavior Monitoring: Application to the Detection of Attacks Against the System Management Mode


I was or still am a teaching assistant for the following courses:

Introduction to computer securityÉcole Normale Supérieure of Rennes2016 – 2019Undergraduate
Operating systems & computer networksÉcole Normale Supérieure of Rennes2016 – 2018Undergraduate
Introduction to Python and algorithmsChateaubriand high school in Rennes2014 – 2016Undergraduate